Tour the Pastures

Blue Skies Stables are comprised of 35 acres of beautiful land, tress, water and more! We began with fencing in 10 acres to form 5 beautiful pastures for our horses. With a pasture rotation system, and over-seeding about 1,500 lbs of Kentucky fescue each fall, we strive to keep our pastures in perfect condition year-round. We have invested in a composting system for the manure, so every 30-90 days we have perfect natural fertilizer that gets redistributed throughout the property and used in our garden. Harrowing the fields is an ongoing process to ensure pastures are kept in pristine condition. And as the land has only a gentle slope that empties out past the pasture fencing, we are positioned for the rainy winter months to still provide a safe place for our horses to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Our pasture fencing is a beautiful and safe white vinyl – and maintained daily by our barn manager and the owners. The exterior perimeter contains a top “hot” wire and a lower “hot” wire for the safety of all on a number of fronts. The top wire around the perimeter is to keep the horses from breaking through and leaving the property, crossing the road, etc. It is powered by a solar panel power devise that makes it safer in the unlikely event of a lightning strike. The lower line around the perimeter is to deter any roaming wildlife from entering the horses pastures without an invitation. And the reason there is no electric fence on the interior is because we want you to be able to go and visit with your friend without having to enter the pasture with any guests. This will ensure everyone’s safety!