About Our Team

Blue Skies was built on a dream that we could provide a safe riding environment for Hunter Jumper show teams.  In order to achieve that dream however, it takes a lot more than a beautiful facility.  It takes the care and expertise and love of industry professionals that have the same dream.  Below is a look at the partners we rely on on a daily basis…  While it may seem like a lot of people for only a 16-stall barn, we’re a firm believer in putting the horses needs first!


Dr. Bob and Dr. Jim Meyer of Neuse River Equine Hospital are always on call for us, and have been since day one!  They manage all of our vaccination programs and day-to-day health (and emergencies) for our horses.

Dr. Fernando Cardenas of 3H Equine Hospital helps us with lameness issues, rehab and so many more things.  His technical approach with computer monitoring of movements eliminates any guesswork   Many may know him more for his charismatic showing in events like the World Equestrian Games or other international venues.


Loren Griggs has worked with our horses since before the barn was even built!  Everyone knows the importance of stability and quality work, and Loren has been there with us every step of the way.

Thomas Stallings began working with us in 2018, and to say he’s had a busy year is an understatement.  Thomas was the lead farrier at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC this year, and we can honestly say, he’s handled millions of dollars worth of shoes from that experience alone.  Congrats Thomas!

Greg Brittenham was an apprentice to Loren at one time, and just like Loren, we’ve worked with Greg as long as we can remember.  Efficient and quality work, and always available when we need him!


Doug Ziegler started working with us in 2018, and while I’ve watched others before him, I still can’t believe what I see each time he works on the horses.  Miracles.  It’s been fantastic having the relief and care of the horses in Doug’s hands.


We work with a team of specialists from Purina to help us with proper nutrition for the horses.


Jen Hubbard – Owner and operator, oversees all of the barn operations and communications on a daily basis.

Michael Hubbard – Owner and caretaker of the barn and the pastures – and has been accused of singing to the grass to make it grow and giving the horses too many treats (and has not denied either).

Allison Hyde – Our daytime barn manager, and first ever employee at Blues Skies is in charge taking care of the horses and overseeing the facility to ensure a safe environment for all.  Allison came to us from MacNairs Country Acres – one of our daughters favorite barns!

Tori, Hannah, Kimberly, Kenzie and Brooke – Our evening and weekend barn managers who care for our horses and help with so many countless things!