2022 Summer Horse Camp Near Clayton is Here!

13707705_772725456197706_3664044164409861088_nNo, not that boring summer camp stuff that kids dread, but the full-week-summer-camp kind that not only allows parents to not miss work, but the kind that allows the campers to ride horses, do horse arts and crafts and be around horses all day long!

Join us at the Blue Skies Stables Summer Horse Camp!  Our state-of-the-art horse barn which was newly built in 2016 offers an air conditioned classroom and bathroom, as well as a fully covered riding arena for those days when the sun is just too hot to ride outside!

Never ridden a horse before?  No worries – our Summer Horse Camps are for all skill levels of horse riders, and are supervised by our professional trainers and their assistants.  There will be no more than 3 students per every 1 summer camp horse instructor – so these camps truly will be for all levels and more assistance will be provided if needed!  This years camp will be:

Monday June 13th to Friday June 17th, 2022 – ADVANCED/INTERMEDIATE SUMMER HORSE CAMP –  Advanced or Intermediate Riders – ideal for ages 9-13, and whom have  experience at the walk, trot and canter as well as crossrails experience.  More advanced students who are already jumping will be divided up by ability during the riding portion of camp for safety reasons and a better learning experience for all!  This camp will run from 9am to 3 pm daily.

Monday July 11th to Friday July 15th, 2022 – INTERMEDIATE SUMMER HORSE CAMP –  Intermediate Riders – ideal for ages 5-10, and whom have experience at the walk and trot.  More advanced students who are cantering or doing crossrails will be divided up by ability during the riding portion of camp for safety reasons and a better learning experience for all!  This camp will run from 9am to 3 pm daily.

So what all is included you ask?  Well, besides riding on one of the horses in the barn, the focus will be on having fun as well as horse education!  We will learn the proper care of the horse, how to tack the horse, groom the horse and more.  For students with a deep interest in the care of horses, we will teach the proper care of feeding and some basic medical care such as wrapping of the legs and more. We will also have horse arts and crafts, games and a whole lot of fun hanging out with new and old friends.  On the final day of camp, the students will put on an exhibition of the skills they’ve learned for their parents and siblings in the morning.

Photos above from previous years camps where social distancing was not even heard of!  We now keep kids in smaller groups to ensure they can keep proper distance, yet still have a fun experience!

If ever there was a great way to see if your child truly loved horses and wanted to continue, this is the way to do it!  Under watchful professional eyes, in a state-of-the-art facility with other kids with similar interests!  Our summer camp for children ages 13 and under is eligible for up to a 35% tax deduction!

Horse Summer Camp Pricing

Pricing for 2022  camps are priced at:

$425 – Full Day Advanced & Intermediate Camps
$350 – Half Day beginner camp

Summer Horse Camp Sign Up

Please note, camp sizes are limited to 10 students. Registration is currently FULL for both camps.  If you want to be put on a wait list, please complete the 2022 Summer Camp Application, and email it back to [email protected] with “waitlist” on the form.  We will confirm receipt, and we will confirm with you within one week of receipt if you have been accepted.  Acceptance is purely based on availability and a horse that we believe will be a good, safe fit for your child.  Below is the link to download the application form!